Welding Stainless Steel in Mississauga

When you need stainless steel welding in Mississauga, Sheridan Metal Products is a company you can count on for a job well done. We have extensive experience in metal works and a team of talented employees ready to tackle your next welding project. 

Stainless steel is comprised of steel and other elements like chromium, nickel, molybdenum, silicon, aluminum, and carbon. There are different grades and finishes available for stainless steel, which is an iron alloy with a minimum chromium content of 10.5%. This element is responsible for the increased corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Other alloy elements may be added to achieve an enhanced toughness or other specific properties in order to better meet the needs of the product, but the main benefits of stainless steel include:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Long lifespan
  • Sustainability
  • Impact resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Fire and heat resistance
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Strength-to-weight ratio

Stainless steel is a popular and, considering its long life cycle, rather inexpensive material ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Stainless steel can be used for cutlery, sinks, washing machine drums, handrails, lighting columns, exhaust systems, automobile grilles, shipping containers, surgical instruments, hot water tanks, springs, wire, and much more.

We regularly work with 304 stainless steel, which is the most widely used stainless steel used in the food industry and interior architecture projects. For more corrosive environments like those in outdoor architecture, 316 stainless steel is used to protect against salt.

While there are numerous finishes for stainless steel, the most common finishes used by Sheridan Metal are 2B, a flat mill finish, and #4, a linear grain finish that can appear slightly different depending on the supplier. A designation with an XL, like an XL #4 finish, is trademarked to one company only. After welding #4 stainless steel, the finish can be brought back to closely resemble the original factory finish using a number of grinding and polishing techniques.

The Stainless Steel Welding Process

Our stainless steel welding in Mississauga is carefully completed by trained professionals who take pride in every finished product, no matter if it's a single part or an entire piece of machinery. Because our stainless steel welding can be used for so many applications, you can trust us to produce the finished product that you expected – probably even better. Welding stainless steel isn't too significantly different from working with standard carbon steel. Stainless steel does require more attention when it comes to heating, cooling and matching filler metals, however. This type of steel can be welded to other steels using the TIG and MIG welding methods. Extra care should be taken and any existing coatings should be removed before any welding takes place. 

For more information about our stainless steel welding services, call us today at 905-277-0327 or email us at bendit@sheridanmetal.com.

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