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How To Choose The Right Material For Your Custom Metal Fabrication Project

Whether you need paper clips, architectural products or exhibit displays you need the right material for the job. Keep reading to learn more about the types of materials available for custom metal fabrication in Mississauga and the projects they’re best suited for.

Metal Fabrication Materials

The material you choose for your project will affect everything from design, cost and structural integrity. Fabrication works best with metals that are both strong and lightweight because they can be manipulated without compromising strength. The most commonly used materials in metal works are: 

  • Aluminum sheet 
    Aluminum is well known for its strength and flexibility. It’s also highly corrosion and moisture resistant. Aluminum is perfect for automotive and mechanical parts as well as mass-produced goods. 
  • Hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel
    Hot rolled steel sheet has a black-blue look to it and it is mostly used in industrial applications. Cold rolled steel sheet has a thin oil finish that gives it a clean uniform look and it is often used for metal works projects that can be easily painted.
  • Brass
    Brass is made by blending zinc and copper to achieve increased strength and durability, malleability and resistance to rust and corrosion. Brass also stands up well to fresh and salt water and organic compounds. It’s often used in electrical applications.
  • Copper
    Known for its conductivity and corrosion resistance, copper is also incredibly malleable and responsive to precision fabrication. Copper is valued in architecture for its natural beauty and can be found adorning a wide range of modern buildings as mouldings for framing doors, window, stone, tile, glass and more. 
  • Galvanized steel sheet
    Galvanized steel is made by coating steel with zinc, which gives it increased resistance to rust and corrosion. Galvanized steel can undergo the stresses of fabrication without losing any of its rust-resistant coating but it’s best suited for use indoors and out of direct exposure to the weather. 
  • Stainless steel sheet
    Known for its sleek and shiny surface, stainless steel is by far the best choice wherever hygiene is a concern, like hospitals and food preparation, because it’s non-porous, resistant to scratching and easy to clean. It’s also incredibly durable and offers excellent corrosion resistance. 

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