Types of Projects Steel Fabricators in Toronto Tackle

Ever wonder who built those humongous latticed steel bridge components, that beautiful ironwork gate or that fascinating metal sculpture in your favourite park?

Chances are they were manufactured by steel fabricators in a “fab shop.” Steel fabricators in Toronto can build almost anything—from the most delicate metal jewelry to the most high-tech aerospace component or most imposing construction and civil structures.

Let’s take a look at the types of projects steel fabricators in Toronto tackle and how they do it:

  • Types of projects. You name it; a steel fabricator in Toronto can probably do it! From the most cutting-edge metal architectural component to automotive customizing and aftermarket parts, metal repairs of all kinds, exhibit displays, store fixtures, commercial signage, lockboxes, trailers, metal sculptures and benches—one-offs or series—they can do it. 
  • Design and prep. Steel fabricators in Toronto start from precise shop drawings created by engineers, artists or architects. From these drawings, the fab shop determines the raw materials necessary to complete the project. These might include plate metal, formed metal, tube stock, welding material, fasteners, castings and protective coatings. The metal components are shot blasted or abrasive cleaned to prepare them for welding and coating.
  • Cutting and machining. Components are then cut, sheared or chiselled to size using band saws, cut-off saws and cutting torches. Complicated, precise or three-dimensional shapes may be cut on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) burn tables using cutting torches, or plasma, laser or waterjet cutters. The metal may also be machined—the removal of material from a block of metal—using metal lathes, mills or drill presses.
  • Forming and bending. After components are prepped and cut to size, it’s time to shape them using punch presses, dies or press brakes, or by hammering.
  • Assembly. The last step before applying the coating and/or paint is assembly. Steel fabricators in Toronto will assemble the components by welding, riveting, fastening with threaded fasteners or bending to form a crimped seam.
  • Final prep. The assembled unit is then usually sand blasted, primed and painted (or coated) according to the client’s specifications.

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