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The Benefits of TIG Welding

Welding is a precise art that takes patience and years of experience to truly master. Whether you need custom welding for your piping, gates, fencing, drains, counter tops or anything in between, Sheridan Metal can help. We have many years of experience doing all different types of welding. Let our team of trained professionals show you some of the main benefits of TIG welding and why it’s a good choice for your next job.

The Basics: What is TIG Welding?

TIG welding stands for tungsten inert gas welding—also known as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW). Welding is the process of bonding two or more separate pieces of material into one. TIG welding is most commonly used for stainless steel, aluminum and magnesium. The main difference between TIG welding and other processes such as gas metal arc (MIG) welding is the way the filler metal is fed into the weld. In MIG welding, for example, the filler wire is fed directly through the welding machine; for TIG welding, the torch and filler rod are separate, requiring the use of both hands and a more precise technique.

What’re the Benefits?

TIG welding holds a number of advantages over other methods. Let’s take a look and some of these benefits and how they can add value to your project:

1. Versatility

TIG welding can be used on a wider variety of metals than any other welding processes. It’s essentially regarded as the “universal technique.” So if you have a need to weld multiple different types of metal for the same project, the TIG welding process could be massively beneficial.

2. Cleaner and Precise Finishes

TIG welding is often used for jobs that require a high level of precision. When it comes to your project, quality should be a top priority. This process will always result in the cleanest beads and leaves no residue or spatter that would need to be touched up once the weld is finished. Welders will almost always choose this method for precise welding joints and jobs that require the bonding of exotic metals as it doesn’t produce sparks, smoke or fumes.

3. Less Amperage Required

While higher amperage is better for jobs that require thicker beads, less power will allow the welder to accomplish their job with far more precision than a more power-hungry process. This will result in more control over the details of your weld.

4. Superior Results

When it comes to cosmetics, TIG welding will always yield the best results. This makes it the preferred method for any job where the shape of each bead counts. TIG also produces exceptionally strong welds suitable for applications where precision and durability are critical, such as aerospace manufacturing.

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