Professional Metal Fabricating Equipment & Supplies

To accommodate a wide array of industries and their metal fabricating needs, Sheridan Metal Products Ltd. relies on high quality equipment and supplies.

We’ve been dealing with our suppliers for many years now and are in good standing with them all. Our business is never over 30 days late when it comes to paying our bills which means our suppliers are more than happy to get us the materials we need sooner. Usually within one day! This means saving time on your overall metal fabricating project.

Sheridan Metal Products carries much of the same equipment that other metal fabricating shops own. What sets us apart is our expertise and extensive experience in the field that allow us to maximize the parameters of our machines and deliver superior results.

Here you can get more details on the equipment and supplies we use in our shop:

Laser Cutting

  • 6'x12' Dual pallet 2000 watts, Cincinnati
  • Cutting capacity – ½” steel, ¼” stainless steel, ¼” aluminum


  • One Shear x10’ – ¼” steel, ½” aluminum, 1/8” stainless steel


  • One 14” semi-automatic cold saw
  • One 10” manual cold saw
  • One horizontal band saw
  • Two vertical band saws
  • One 20” radial arm saw for wood and aluminum


  • One 50 ton single station pierce-all
  • One 50 ton punch press
  • One 30 ton punch press
  • One 6” fixed notcher

Brake Forming

  • One 6’ 25 ton
  • Two 10’ 100 ton
  • One 12’ 250 ton
  • All press brakes with programmable back gauges complete with digital readouts
  • Varied selection of punch and dies from goose necks, flattening, over bending, and radii


  • One 3” roll, 4' long 16 gauge
  • One 6” roll, 10' long 14 gauge
  • One 7” roll, 12' long 11 gauge
  • One profile roller-angle, channel, rod, and tube


  • 3 MIG welders
  • 3 TIG welders
  • 2 ARC welders
  • 1 Spot welder
  • 2 Stud welding machines for aluminum, stainless steel, and steel

Basic Machining

  • 1 Lathe
  • 1 Mill
  • 1 Surface grinder

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