Well-Rounded Experience in Custom Metal Fabricating

Since 1965, Sheridan Metal Products Ltd. has handled a wide variety of custom metal fabricating services. We have experience across all industries – exhibit displays, machine shops, millwork, architectural, maintenance, security, furniture, and more. Our latest industry addition is set production fixtures for films and television. If you’re interested in our metal fabricating services, please do not hesitate to contact us to request a quote. We also encourage you to visit our shop in Mississauga to see our metal fabricating operations.

Below are some examples of the metal fabricating projects we’ve worked on in the past:

  • Architectural
    • Custom millennium doors and frames (no hardware)
    • Skylights
    • Custom windows frames
    • Column covers
    • Corner guards
    • Panels
    • Counter tops
  • Automotive
    • Limousine stretch kits, roof, side panels, etc.
    • Truck parts
    • Aftermarket parts
  • Machine Guards
  • Way Slide Covers
  • Tanks
  • Repair Work
    • Maintenance department parts and repairs
  • Material Handling
  • Custom Carts(Our custom carts eliminate boxes, store carts, and lift trucks. All of our carts are heavy duty-designed to take warehouse and truck abuse.)
    1. Custom carts designed to your unique needs
    2. Loaded in warehouse and shipped to store
    3. Unloaded on store floor and shipped back to warehouse to start cycle over
  • Lockboxes
  • Conveyer Parts
  • Lift Truck Parts
  • Exhibit Displays
  • Furnishings
  • Store Fixtures
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