Laser Cutting for Machine Parts in Mississauga

You’ve developed a new, stainless steel machine part. You want to see a sample and you want it to match your machine’s design specifications precisely. Laser cutting at our Mississauga fabrication shops can do just that.

Don’t settle for a partially accurate prototype. When you choose to laser cut your model, you obtain a slick sample that reflects a versatile design aesthetic.

What Laser Cutting Is

A laser cutter pulses a high-powered laser beam through a lens and emits a beam that cuts through a 1/2” steel plate and up to 3/16” stainless steel or aluminum sheet. This powerful machine effectively cuts and pierces metal cleanly.

Because this device doesn’t only use a laser to create your prototype, our team can cut complex, detailed designs as quickly as one business day.

How We Use Laser Cutting

Every laser cutting our Mississauga facility fulfills starts with a free estimate. To start the process, attach a DXF file of your part’s design to an email. You may also fax an image of the prototype to our facility. You’ll also tell us when you need to receive your laser-cut model, and we’ll even provide you with a free estimate.

Once we confirm the design, deadline, and any other factors, our team will laser cut your prototype with our 2000-watt Cincinnati laser cutter. This machine contains a 72” x 144” duel bed that allows us to accurately cut your sample according to the dimensions you’ve supplied us.

How to Request an Estimate

Sheridan Metal Products Ltd. has provided custom metal works to the greater Mississauga area for over 50 years. We invite you to browse examples of our work at our Mattawa Avenue fabrication shop. Visit our Contact Us page for direction.

To learn more about laser cutting in Mississauga, call us today at 905-277-0327 or email us at

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