Metal Bending for Aluminum & Steel in Mississauga

You have an innovative, new car or machine model that you want to bring to market. First, you need a prototype that matches your design. At Sheridan Metal Products Ltd., we offer metal bending at our Mississauga fabrication shop.

Our team can bend aluminum, steel, and stainless steel, which gives you the opportunity to see your new vehicle or equipment design in a sleek, well-crafted prototype.

What Metal Bending Is

Imagine a brand new car right in front of your eyes. You don’t see a smooth front hood or aerodynamically round hatchback. Instead, every angle appears jagged and sharp. The car has a boxy look and doesn’t seem well designed. The metal curves we see in the products we use daily—like cars—result from the successful efforts of metal bending.

At Sheridan Metal Products Ltd., we perform metal bending in Mississauga for small to medium manufacturing projects such as machinery, cars, and film sets.

How We Bend Sheet Metal

Our team uses brake press machines to bend metal sheets with different thicknesses. Our machines clamp sheet metal between a die and matching punch. The machine applies force across to the metal as it moves across the die and bends into the appropriate shape.

Visit Our Fabrication Shop Today

Since 1965, our company has created prototypes and production runs for Mississauga businesses. We use three brake press machines to bend metal, from a paper-thin sheet to a ½-inch-thick steel plate.

To learn more about metal bending in Mississauga, call Sheridan Metal Products Ltd. at 905-277-0327. If you’d like to see the metal bending process for yourself, stop by our shop today.

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