Custom & Steel Welding in Mississauga

With 50 years of combined experience in metal works, the team at Sheridan Metal Products Ltd. performs metal inert gas (MIG) and Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding at our Mississauga fabrication shop. These manufacturing techniques help your product transition from the prototype phase to the production phase.

What Welding Does for Your Run

We employ two methods of steel welding at our Mississauga shop. Also known as Heliarc welding, TIG welding uses a strong-but-brittle tungsten electrode to create an arc-shaped torch. This hands-on process takes time because the welder guides the torch. A TIG weld creates a strong structural integrity, despite the extra time it needs to reach completion.

MIG welding, also known as gas metal arc welding, is a faster, semi-automated process in which the machine fills the joint. The welder still guides the process, but the machine does most of the work. An MIG weld also produces a sturdy product.

How We Weld Metal at Sheridan

Even though we have welded two metals together, the finished product isn't necessarily ready to go to market. You also need your welders to grind and polish the recently completed product and give it a professional, high-quality finish. Luckily, our team doesn't just perform quick, neat welds—we can also finish them and make your product attractive and safe for market.

Request a Free Estimate Today for Custom Welding in Mississauga

Since 1965, Sheridan Metal Products Ltd. has provided custom metal works to automotive and construction industries in the Greater Toronto Area. Welding is a critical part of our custom fabrication program. If you have a small or medium manufacturing run that you need completed quickly, call us for a free estimate.

For more information about custom welding in Mississauga, call us today at 905-277-0327 or email us at We strive to exceed your expectations from the original concept design to the finished product.

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